FUND A NEED Research in Missouri

Today’s Research Breakthroughs are Tomorrow’s Treatments


This year, the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Research program celebrates 75 years of commitment to progress in the fight against cancer. During this time, we’ve played a role in almost every major cancer research breakthrough in the last century and funded the research of 49 investigators who went on to win the Nobel Prize. Since 1946, the American Cancer Society has invested over $5 billion in research nationally, including $80 million in research projects throughout the State of Missouri. Our innovative cancer research programs span across a wide range of disciplines to meet critically important needs. The research we conduct and fund transforms the way we treat and prevent cancer – and through this work we save lives every day.


Research informs prevention, patient support, advocacy and health equity efforts. The investigations we conduct and fund happen through several different channels and extend beyond our agency into over 200 institutions nationwide. In all facets of our work, we strive to expand our efforts to understand and overcome health disparities – in the laboratory, through population and surveillance studies, and within the communities we serve.

Right now, the American Cancer Society is funding nearly 700 high impact and innovative extramural research grants totaling over $388 million looking at cancer from bench to bedside. This includes $8.6 million in 15 grants right here in the state of Missouri.  These grants improve our knowledge of nearly every aspect of cancer – from what causes it to how we can end it.

There are currently 170 more promising extramural research projects that are on hold due to a lack of funds.  These projects were ranked outstanding – the highest possible score – by our two-level peer review process.  By supporting Champions of Hope, you are helping the American Cancer Society ensure vital research continues.  100% of your gift will fund cutting-edge lifesaving cancer research conducted right here in Missouri.  Failing to invest in research now means that we will have fewer preventative tools, fewer treatment options, delayed progress towards cures, and ultimately, more deaths from cancer in the future.

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“When I got diagnosed, one of the first things I looked for was information about how this disease affects African American women, and I just couldn’t find it. So to be able to go to the American Cancer Society’s website and find recent studies is eye-opening and amazing, because oftentimes I feel that African American women are invisible. The American Cancer Society is getting information out there. They’re putting a face to this disease, and it’s not just one face. I think by doing that, they will encourage more people to speak out, to ask for advice, to ask for information, to get treatment, to get care.”